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Cleaning Services
Amaidzing understands how the needs of our Southern California maid services customers can differ. We clean the way YOU instruct – general cleaning, detail cleaning or windows – whether it’s office cleaning in Los Angeles or
maid service in Beverly Hills.

Every visit is individually tailored to YOUR special requirements,
and may include the following:
(Standard maid service on
mostly EXTERIOR surfaces)
ALL ROOMS: Take down and clean light fixtures.
Clean light fixtures and air vents.
Special attention to all “dust bunnies” hiding in overlooked nooks & crannies.
Baseboards, wall washing available as requested.
KITCHEN: Clean exterior appliances, countertops, sinks, exterior cabinets, table & chairs.
Damp mop tile floor.
BATHROOMS: Clean, sanitize and deodorize shower & bathtub, toilet, tile walls, vanities, sinks, mirrors.
Damp mop tile floor.
("Spring Cleaning" includes
most INTERIOR surfaces)
ALL ROOMS: Take down and clean light fixtures.
Clean air vents.
Special attention to baseboards, corners, and all "dust bunnies" hiding in overlooked places.
KITCHEN: Clean inside all drawers and cupboards.

Thoroughly inside appliances, refrigerator as requested.


BATHROOMS: Clean inside all drawers and cabinets.



Inside and outside; upstairs and downstairs
(1-story only).

Screens removed, cleaned and replaced as requested.

Miniblinds removed, scrubbed and replaced as requested.


We also offer:

Laundry services (using onsite facilities)

Carpet & upholstery cleaning

Exterior cleaning (patios, decks & porches)

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