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Top Ten
Top Ten Signs Your Home Needs a Spring Cleaning
10. Someone asks, "What died in here?" and you show them.
9. Dust on TV screen gives everybody comical Andy Rooney eyebrows.
8. When you win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, Ed McMahon refuses to get out of the van.
7. The so-called "Dust Bunnies" have sharp, snapping teeth.
6. Your house gets hit by a twister and it actually looks better.
5. Guests take one look at your bathroom and decide to use the backyard.
4. When someone from the health department rings your doorbell, you say, "Not again!"
3. Every time you turn on a faucet, you hear a muffled barking sound.
2. Even Robert Downey, Jr. refuses to sleep on your floor.
1. You've been receiving death threats from Mr. Clean.
-Courtesy “Letterman Top Ten” April 8, 1997.

Is your home long overdue for a cleaning? Call our expert maids, Los Angeles residents! In no time, we’ll have your home spic and span and ready for spring, summer, fall, or winter! When it comes to house cleaning—Santa Monica to Chatsworth to Pasadena and everywhere in-between—no one does it better than Amaidzing.

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