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How Do I Get My Business in Beverly Hills, CA Ready for Summer? Disinfecting, Deep Cleaning & More

When you have a business that you need to run there is a lot that goes into keeping it running. There is of course needing to have the staff that is needed to operate the business. You also need to make sure that the building that you are doing business in is in good shape and taken care of. Being in charge of a business premises is something that is usually left to a building manager. They need to work in many aspects to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the building is top notch. This is a job that needs to be done daily but there are times in the year that a little more effort is required. When the seasons change there are usually some effect on the building or areas that you want to have maintained and or repaired. The change from the cooler spring season to the hotter summer months is one of those times. AMaidZing Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial offers helpful tips to get your commercial building ready for the summer.

Protect the Flooring in Your Commercial Building

When the weather goes from the cooler spring to hot summer days, you need to be prepared. There are some effects that the weather will have overall on your building. One of the problems that people have is with the floors. When the summer weather comes in so does the moisture from summer storms as well as dirt and sand debris. This means more leaves and dirt that seems to be on the ground and can be stuck to shoes that come in your office. You want to do what you can to protect your floors in your business. This is to prevent a mess as well as people tripping, slipping and falling. You want to make sure that you use entry mats or rugs at the entrances. You can also make sure that the weather stripping on the doors are in good shape and you have the floors deep cleaning regularly.

Disinfect High Touch Surfaces

As soon as the weather changes from hot to cold or cold to hot, it seems that more and more people get sick as germs are being spread. You want to do your best to avoid illness breaking out amongst your staff and guests. Illness can cause increased sick days and production will inevitably suffer. It can also be a problem for the customers that are visiting. You want to make sure that your cleaning company is taking time to disinfect the most handled areas. This should include the bathrooms, kitchen, door handles and phones to name a few. This can be done on a regular basis to ensure you keep your commercial building healthy.

Deep Cleaning of Commercial Interior

A deep clean of the commercial building’s interior, from top to bottom will remove dust, mildew, allergens and bacteria. This will not only approve the appearance of your commercial space but it will improve the overall air quality of the building too.

Commercial Window Washing

Dirt builds up when windows are subject to rain, hail and wind. Grimy windows can make a commercial property look dingy if they aren’t cleaned well, but when they are maintained, it shows a building takes pride in its appearance.

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