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About Us

Are you tired of dealing with cleaning? Keeping a business clean is vital to its health and a clean workplace makes a good impression on employees, customers, clients, vendors and other visitors, and it is also more efficient. General office cleaning, carpet and other floor cleaning and window cleaning are exceedingly time-consuming and should not be delegated to your staff. A clean workplace requires a team of professional experts with quality equipment and experience to get your business in top condition. At AmaidZing, our dedicated team provides commercial disinfecting, janitorial, and other cleaning services to save you the time and energy so you can focus on running your business operations. Let us take that responsibility off your hands and instead put our hands to work for you. We have proudly been cleaning commercial establishments in Greater Los Angeles, California for over two decades!

Highly Trained Janitorial Staff & Commercial Cleaners

No matter whether your business is modest or impressively large; AmaidZing can handle all of your commercial cleaning needs. From office cleaning to industrial cleaning, from carpet to window washing, and from dusting to full janitorial service; our highly trained staff are equipped to keep your premises clean. After every one of our cleaning visits, you can expect the highest quality. We are available for one-time and recurring jobs, and we work with you to plan out a schedule that works for your business and doesn’t interfere with your day-to-day operations. And if you have specialty cleaning jobs that aren’t needed as often such as deep carpet cleaning, these tasks can be done on their own or incorporated into a routine cleaning schedule.

Trustworthy Commercial Cleaning Company

Do you already have a cleaning service, but their work is lackluster, and you can’t ever reach them? If you are looking for reliable help, you’ve come to the right place and your search ends here. AmaidZing is what you’re looking for. Call us for customized cleaning services today!

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