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Did you know the average workplace has somewhere in the tens of thousands of bacteria all over it? The average phone has 25,127 bacteria per square inch, the average keyboard has 3,295 bacteria per square inch and the average desk surface has 20,961 bacteria per square inch! With all of those pathogens on the surfaces your staff touches every work day, it makes sense for your business to hire professional cleaning and disinfecting services. Hiring AmaidZing is one of the smartest moves that a Los Angeles, CA business owner can make. The general public expects workplaces to look professional, clean, and aesthetically pleasing when they walk into a business. Especially in restaurants, salons, fitness centers, retail stores, houses of worship and other types of organizations; the importance of cleaning cannot be overstated. At AmaidZing, we offer window cleaning, carpet cleaning, high-level dust removal and disinfecting services at affordable prices.

Janitorial Services

Our janitorial services typically include daily cleaning tasks (but we can customize the frequency to best suit your business) such as:
– Restroom / Bathroom cleaning
– Dusting
– Cleaning employee break rooms, kitchens and common areas
– Vacuuming carpet
– Sweeping and mopping hard floors
– Emptying the trash
Our cleaners use quality products and equipment to maintain sanitary conditions. We are available for daily, weekly, biweekly or other frequency janitorial services.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services are typically deeper cleaning jobs that often last anywhere from a few hours or even days. Clients can contract AmaidZing for their deep commercial cleaning needs a few times each year to ensure that they are getting the regular deep cleaning that they need to keep their offices or other facilities in the best condition possible. Commercial cleaning services may include:
– Dusting
– Carpet cleaning
– Cleaning grout and tile
– Cleaning furniture upholstery
– Window cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Services

Regular carpet cleaning can improve air quality in your office or other workplace. This is because carpets act like filters that trap tiny pollutants in their fibers and out of the air your staff, customers and guests breathe. Pollutants and allergens enter commercial premises from the air outside or from employees and clients tracking them in on the bottom of their shoes. We know it can be difficult for businesses and organizations to keep their carpets and lobby spaces clean but AmaidZing can help. While carpet manufacturers recommend annual cleaning for residential homes, but commercial premises often need more frequent cleaning as carpet is exposed to much higher traffic. Call us to schedule your deep carpet cleaning services today!

Window Cleaning Services

Just because you can still see through a window doesn’t mean it’s free of dirt, smoke, or other debris or particles that have collected on the glass. In fact, having your commercial windows professionally cleaned removes that grime and dust from your window glass and windowsills. Window cleaning, in combination with other cleaning interventions, contributes to the overall clean appearance of your business. Cleaning away this dust, dirt, grime and other particulates not only makes your windows and workplace look more attractive, it is also another great way to rid your workplace of germs and other pollutants that contribute to poor air quality.

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